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Manitobans Donate More than Ever Before

Released on July 13th 2009

Winnipeg – Last year, Manitobans donated more for international development than ever before. In 2009, MCIC member agencies reported they raised over $23 million for their international work. This is a $3 million increase from 2008. It was also announced this year that the Government of Manitoba will increase its annual international development grant from $750,000 to $1 million.

“Manitoba has a significant role in the global community when it comes to development and this role is something we should be very proud of,” says Janice Hamilton, MCIC Executive Director. “This recent increase shows that Manitobans are taking action as global citizens even during periods of economic uncertainty.”

The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation is presenting an exhibit at The Forks which highlights Manitoba’s role in the global community and profiles organizations in the province who are making positive change in our world. The Global Citizens: Manitobans Working Together for a Better World exhibit, which is touring the province in conjunction with MCIC’s 35th Anniversary, features photographs, stories and videos from international projects with Manitoba connections. It also explores how Manitobans are making a difference through their local actions and asks visitors to make a commitment and be a Global Citizen.

The exhibit also details specific achievements by international projects. For example, since 2004, 27,000 lives have been saved by malaria prevention mosquito nets in Tanzania. In Haiti, thousands are treated and cured each year for Tuberculosis and other serious diseases at Grace Children’s Hospital. Much of this is due to the work of extraordinary Manitobans.

“Our exhibit celebrates the spirit of global citizenship in this province by highlighting some exciting and very tangible results being achieved in different parts of the world,” says Hamilton.

The exhibit will tour the province in 2009 - 2010. It will be at The Forks (the third stop on its tour) from July 15 - August 7. It will proceed to the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery on August 13, the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach on September 2, The Pas on February 15 and The Brandon Winter Fair on March 29.

Global Citizens: Manitobans Working Together for a Better World Exhibit
Wednesday, July 15 - Friday, August 7
The Forks Market, south aisle
MCIC would be happy to arrange interviews with people or organizations featured in the exhibit.

The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) is a coalition of 41 organizations involved in international development. An independent non-profit organization, MCIC is responsible for distributing Government of Manitoba funds designated for international development and emergency relief and rehabilitation and works within Manitoba to build understanding and engagement on international issues.

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