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Are Manitobans Up To The Fair Trade One-Month Challenge?

Released on February 12th 2013

Winnipeg, MB. - The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) presents its One-Month Challenge (OMC), where people throughout the province pledge to consume only Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate for thirty days, beginning on Valentine’s Day. This year MCIC is also encouraging Manitobans to have a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day, by selling Fair Trade roses, usually not available in Manitoba, and encouraging Manitobans to celebrate the big day with Fair Trade wines and chocolate.

Participants can sign up as an individual or as a group at On this site you will also be able to find information about events going on around the province related to the One-Month Challenge. The Fair Trade Manitoba website also has a Fair Trade Consumer Guide with information about where Fair Trade products are available in Manitoba.

Manitobans are already some of the strongest supporters of Fair Trade in Canada. A recent poll by Probe Research Inc. (March 2012) indicates that nearly two-thirds (64%) of Manitobans said they would be inclined to purchase fair trade goods, even if they cost more than competing products. The same poll found that half (47%) say they purchase Fair Trade goods on at least a monthly (31%) or weekly (16%) basis. When you buy Fair Trade, it means that producers in the developing world have received a fair wage for what they produce, so they are able to better support their families and communities.

“Since MCIC started organizing the One-Month Challenge seven years ago, we have seen more and more Fair Trade products available throughout Manitoba” says Janice Hamilton, Executive Director of MCIC.


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