Public Engagement

Connecting Manitobans to Global Issues

MCIC works with Manitobans who are concerned about building a better world. We believe that successful international development work goes hand-in-hand with efforts to build understanding of international issues within Manitoba. We encourage dialogue on global issues and help empower Manitobans to become active global citizens: individuals who understand that their actions here make a difference around the world.

Youth and Schools Programming

Youth have a lot of ideas to share about making a better world. MCIC seeks to include young people in the discussion of major global issues like poverty and the environment. MCIC programs tap into the passion and ideas that they have to offer.

Each year, MCIC’s Generating Momentum for Our World conferences engage hundreds of students from communities across Manitoba on the challenges facing our world. Through hands-on workshops, students focus on creative ways (including video, music, theatre and visual art) to express what they have learned and encourage others to take action.

MCIC also offers other programming to schools, including:

  • interactive classroom workshops
  • a game-show style presentation called Are You More Concerned About a Better World than a 7th Grader?
  • A global citizenship award for graduating Grade 12 students, teachers and administrators
  • Fair trade resources, including sourcing for fair trade sports equipment and a kit for a fair trade fashion show

MCIC also distributes a newsletter to teachers which highlights global citizenship opportunities for youth and teachers in the province of Manitoba, including the programs of MCIC’s members. (Link)

Policies and Procurement

MCIC is also available to work with school administrators in developing and implementing policies to support global justice in their school. This could include a policy on global citizenship, or a procurement policy to use fair trade or ethically produced goods on a school level.