International Projects

UNICEF Canada - Prairie Region

  • Girls Scholarship Program

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Kenya | Amount: $30,000 | Funded in 2009/2010

    This Girls Education in Kenya project includes a Scholarship Program to Send Girls to Secondary School. It provides girls from rural, nomadic communities in northeastern Kenya with equal opportunities to compete for placements in universities and other post-secondary training.

  • Spread the Net, Malaria Prevention Project

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Liberia | Amount: $24,876 | Funded in 2009/2010

    The Spread the Net – Malaria Prevention project will support the purchase and distribution of 500,000 long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets in Liberia and Rwanda. MCIC funds will contribute to the purchasing and distribution of the nets, along with education on their use and effectiveness to prevent malaria in targeted areas.

  • Bikes for Health

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $47,809 | Funded in 2011/2012

    Bikes for Health is a national initiative in Zimbabwe to provide transportation to community health workers. This low-cost, green and sustainable transport improves health program delivery as workers can cover their 20-km regions quickly and connect with more clients.

  • Bikes for Health

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $57,965 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Bikes for Health is a nation-wide initiative to provide community-based health workers with transportation to improve health in Zimbabwe. Bicycles provide low cost, green and sustainable means of transportation that allow village health care workers to cover their 20 km region with greater efficiency bringing health care to more people in less time.

  • Scaling Up Nutrition and Immunizations

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $33968 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project aims to improve the well-being and survival of children under five years of age in Tanzania, by focusing on delivery of cost-effective, life-saving nutrition and health services and building the capacity of local actors to intervene effectively with the hardest-to-reach populations.

  • Pneumonia Treatment Initiative

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $38,088 | Funded in 2014-15

    The Project aims to reduce the number of under-five childhood deaths in 6 Districts of Tanzania by targeting interventions for pneumonia. The project will supply community health care centers and major health centers with training and medical equipment for treating and diagnosing severe cases of pneumonia. Approximately 32,000 children are expected to benefit from the project each year.

  • Undaunted

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Uganda | Amount: $64,600 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will improve WASH infrastructure in schools, strengthen hygiene education and promote girls’ education. Using a holistic approach, the project will integrate WASH and relevant education to reduce vulnerability in adolescent girls, targeting girls aged 10-14 years old in primary and secondary school.