International Projects

People to People

  • In Support of Rural Female Producers

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $2,000 | Funded in 2009/2010

    This project will Support Rural Female Producers; Creating an Association with Women in Agriculture in Ukiriguru, Tanzania. In working with 18 women’s groups in the Lake Zone district, the aim of this project is to strengthen communication, expand training, enhance leadership and extend efforts at micro-enterprise and value-added agricultural processing.

  • Amadar Chilemayen

    Fund: Theme Fund | Country: Bangladesh | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2010/2011

    The Amadar Chilemayen project supports literacy work in the slums of Bangladesh by educating mothers who commit to teaching at least five neighbourhood children. This project addresses the challenge of access to basic education, including daycare, and empowers mothers by training them to produce their own multimedia materials.

  • Mamas’ Fund for Micro-Finance Support for Market Vendors

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $2,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will help women who are beyond the reach of conventional financial services in Nyamagana district access entrepreneurship and micro-loan training. It will enable them to establish small businesses focused on purchasing horticultural products year-round from local smallholder farmers for re-sale at Buhongwa market.