International Projects

Cuso International


    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Cameroon | Amount: $9076 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project will seek to improve agricultural techniques in Cameroon’s two Model Forests to preserve the forests while ensuring local economic stability in the face of rapidly changing climate patterns. Yields of the highly nutritious moringa plant will be scaled up and promoted as a viable alternative to illegal logging. Two thousand producers will have increased access to improved production systems.

  • St. Camille Tokan Care Centre Women’s Dormitory

    Fund: Theme Fund | Country: Benin | Amount: $20,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The Project seeks to build a full service care center including an out-patient clinic and 8 dormitories for a target of 2,400 people with mental disabilities.

  • Inclusive Sustainable Economic Growth through Tourism

    Fund: Development Fund | Country: Myanmar | Amount: $16,310 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will train, send and support a Community Tourism Advisor to build capacity within overseas partner, Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute. The volunteer will create tools and train other local trainers in responsible, community-based tourism, focusing on the community of Thandaunggyi in Kayin State.