The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

International Projects

Relief and Rehabilitation Fund

The Relief and Rehabilitation Fund helps MCIC member agencies support communities as they respond to the effects of disasters. Funded projects are often part of collaborative international relief efforts.

  • Ebola Awareness and Sensitization

    World Relief Canada | Country: Liberia | Amount: $57,500 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project is a partnership with the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL). It seeks to raise awareness and distribute basic sanitation equipment to 15 Liberian communities in Zota District, Liberia at risk of contracting Ebola. The project is targeting 300 households as direct beneficiaries (144 male, 156 female-headed households) and 1,958 indirect beneficiaries (876 male, 1,082 female).

  • Ebola Crisis Response Scale-Up

    Save the Children - Canada | Country: Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone | Amount: $55,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project aims to pool funds to save lives, alleviate suffering, mitigate impact and increase local capacity to respond effectively and quickly to the Ebola crisis. The project seeks to provide preventive care and treatment to an estimated 20% population reach, within a six month period.

  • Emergency Food and Agricultural Support

    HOPE International Development Agency | Country: South Sudan | Amount: $25,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    This project aims to help 300 families access short-term food relief and the means to plant crops in the aftermath of widespread food insecurity caused by conflict and consecutive bad harvests.

  • Emergency Food Support

    HOPE International Development Agency | Country: Pakistan | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project will directly contribute toward improved food security for 150 families in the aftermath of widespread flooding in Pakistan. It will provide the families with WHO approved nutritional food rations for one month and establish four Village Flood Response Committees.

  • Liberia Ebola Response

    World Renew | Country: Liberia | Amount: $67,500 | Funded in 2014-15

    This project is in collaboration with faithbased medical facilities under Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) to provide medicines and medical supplies against Ebola for affected and at-risk clients. The project aims to assist 75,000 residents from 45 CHAL member institutions / catchment communities.

  • Moving Forward after Typhoon Haiyan: Improved Access to Clean Water

    | Country: Philippines | Amount: $20,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project is a rehabilitation intervention seeking to drill new sealed water wells and provide well maintenance, leading to access to clean water and reduction of water borne or related diseases. It will assist 1,000 families transitioning into new homes from evacuation centers.

  • Provision of Potable Water for South Sudanese Refugees in Tierkidi Refugee Camp

    Canadian Lutheran World Relief | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $30,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project is a collaboration with Lutheran World Federation - Ethiopia to increase access to potable water for approximately 12,000 South Sudanese refugees (3,167 households) through the construction of 3 shaded water yards for two identified schools, and connecting them to the permanent water system in Tierkidi Refugee Camp.

  • Supporting the Needs of Women and Children Affected by the Ebola Crisis in West Africa

    UNICEF Canada - Prairie Region | Country: Liberia | Amount: $70,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project seeks to support UNICEF’s efforts to stop, treat and respond to the Ebola outbreak by providing medical and essential supplies and training, implementing social mobilization activities, ensuring access to essential services (including health, nutrition, water and sanitation) and reinforcing prevention and preparedness activities in at risk West African countries. _ Photo: A woman helps a young boy wash his hands in disinfecting chlorine solution, at their home in Conakry, Guinea. Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-0083/UNMEER Martine Perret Photographer: UNMEER Martine Perret_

  • Agriculture and Livelihoods Recovery Initiative

    United Church of Canada | Country: Philippines | Amount: $55000 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project is a partnership of the Canadian Churches in Action and its counterpart in the Philippines, to provide rice, corn and vegetable seed to 512 families in several districts (Iloilo, Capriz, Aklan, Antique, Samar and Leyte) affected by Typhoon Haiyan in order to restart agriculture and rural livelihoods.

  • Bohol Earthquake Relief

    Emmanuel International Canada | Country: Philippines | Amount: $20000 | Funded in 2013-14

    The Bohol Earthquake Relief project will assist victims of the October 15 earthquake (epicenter in Sagbayan, Bohol). Assistance will focus on immediate relief to the most affected families (mainly those with badly damaged or destroyed homes who are in evacuation centers).