International Projects

Development Fund

The Development Fund supports projects that improve all areas of individual and community life in the Global South. Through the work of MCIC member agencies and their local partners, these projects are part of a long-term development process, rooted in a commitment to empowerment and self-determination for all peoples.

  • Women Youth Entrepreneurs Transforming and Conserving Garden Produce

    Crossroads International | Country: Mali | Amount: $3100 | Funded in 2013-14

    The project supports 30 young women entrepreneurs in Mali to transform and conserve garden produce including fruits, vegetables and grains. The women’s producer group will improve their management practices and gain technical knowledge and skills to improve the quality and range of conserved food products available for sale year-round.

  • Women-Led Community Food Security and Nutrition in Dibate

    Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $9841 | Funded in 2013-14

    The project aims to improve agricultural productivity and nutrition through improved production, savings and marketing practices among female and male farmers participating in farmer-led Farmer Field Schools. The emphasis is on strengthening control of women farmers over cash and resources, and improving consumption and nutrition at the household level.

  • Adolescent Livelihood Opportunities

    USC Canada | Country: Bangladesh | Amount: $8,123 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The Adolescent Livelihood Opportunities project supports young farmers, particularly girls, to increase and diversify their opportunity to earn a living from ecological farming. Through training, farmer to farmer exchanges, awareness raising and material support, girls from poor rural areas of northern Bangladesh are learning new skills for income generation and food security.

  • Bikes for Health

    UNICEF Canada - Prairie Region | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $57,965 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Bikes for Health is a nation-wide initiative to provide community-based health workers with transportation to improve health in Zimbabwe. Bicycles provide low cost, green and sustainable means of transportation that allow village health care workers to cover their 20 km region with greater efficiency bringing health care to more people in less time.

  • Capacity Building for Indigenous Rights

    United Church of Canada | Country: Peru, Philippines | Amount: $27,093 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The Capacity Building for Indigenous Rights project seeks to build the capacity of communities in Peru and the Philippines to mobilize their communities to understand human rights and engage local governments in healthy collaboration.

  • Capacity Building: Training in the Chirasauta Rural Community

    Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $6,983 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Through Capacity Building: Training in the Chirasauta Rural Community, four sets of five day training workshops on good governance and the application of effective community building skills will be conducted in the Chirasauta rural district. The community will need this expertise as they move to implement three development projects. These three projects include the construction of a high school, a clinic and a dam.

  • Children Lead the Way

    Save the Children - Canada | Country: Burkina Faso | Amount: $12,504 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Children Lead the Way will promote exclusive breastfeeding for infants (aged 0-6 months) in Burkina Faso to address child morbidity and mortality. Project activities include training for community-health workers to support mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding, and awareness-raising campaigns to address the cultural barriers against exclusive breastfeeding.

  • Co-operative Agricultural Growth

    Co-operative Development Foundation | Country: Rwanda | Amount: $17,509 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The Co-operative Agricultural Growth project in Rwanda seeks to improve the agricultural production, productivity and marketing capacity of 15 co-operatives and their members in vulnerable, food insecure communities in two provinces (7 districts) of Rwanda.

  • Community Based Rehabilitation Program for Children with Disabilities

    | Country: Dominican Republic | Amount: $8,095 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The Community Based Rehabilitation Program for Children with Disabilities aims at providing effective, accessible and affordable rehabilitation services to children with disabilities in the Santiago area through an innovative community based approach. The project enables the neediest families to receive support to maximize their children’s mental and physical development potential, and, ultimately, to increase their developmental quotient.

  • Community Solutions to Gender Barriers in Malawi

    MATCH International Women’s Fund | Country: Malawi | Amount: $24,009 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Many menstrual girls in Malawi do not attend school 3 to 5 days a month because they lack sanitary products. Frequent/recurrent absence can lead to drop-out and perpetuate women’s economic and social disadvantage. MATCH, WUSC, and FAWEMA are finding Community Solutions to Gender Barriers in Malawi and supporting women’s groups within three districts to manufacture and distribute sanitary pads for school-age girls.