International Projects

Development Fund

The Development Fund supports projects that improve all areas of individual and community life in the Global South. Through the work of MCIC member agencies and their local partners, these projects are part of a long-term development process, rooted in a commitment to empowerment and self-determination for all peoples.

  • Building a Clinic in the Chirasauta Community in Chikomba

    Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $6897 | Funded in 2013-14

    The intent of this project is to build a clinic in one of the most impoverished rural areas in Zimbabwe. This initiative is motivated to reduce the infant mortality rate by establishing a maternity ward. It will also reduce morbidity rates and significantly decrease of disability incidence.

  • Building Sustainable Livelihoods

    Presbyterian World Service & Development | Country: Malawi | Amount: $12271 | Funded in 2013-14

    This program equips vulnerable youth, women and men with opportunities to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. Economic empowerment is fostered through vocational skills, education, and savings/financial management through Self Help Groups. Productivity is bolstered through volunteer care groups and awareness of maternal and child health services, improving health, hygiene, and nutrition.

  • Children Lead the Way

    | Country: Burkina Faso | Amount: $15531 | Funded in 2013-14

    Children Lead the Way will promote exclusive breastfeeding (EB) and infant nutrition in Burkina Faso to address child morbidity and mortality. Project activities include training for community health workers, awareness and advocacy activities with mothers, family members and influencers, malnutrition screenings, and home visit demonstrations.

  • Climate Resiliance and Co-operatives in Ethiopia

    Co-operative Development Foundation | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $18642 | Funded in 2013-14

    Working with two local natural resource associations, Ethio-Wetlands Natural Resources Association (EWNRA) and Self Help Africa (SHA), the project aims to help 12,000 resource-poor farmers learn environmentally friendly techniques to increase their economic, social and ecological resilience to climate change.

  • Cultivators to Market

    HOPE International Development Agency | Country: Congo (DR) | Amount: $10892 | Funded in 2013-14

    HIDA is working in the Ubangi region of northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo to contribute to local self-reliance by establishing a cultivator-profitable value chain. The goal is to increase and improve farm production and its sale. Farmers will be supported by inputs of seeds, tools, training, and market logistical assistance.

  • El-Shaddai Community Centre

    EMAS Canada | Country: Haiti | Amount: $13454 | Funded in 2013-14

    In this construction project, Haitians are learning how to ‘Build Better than Before’. In addition to the construction of much needed safe buildings, this project is teaching workers hurricane and earthquake resistant construction techniques and the quality and quantity of materials needed to build better buildings. This educational construction project is also providing employment and economic stimulus to the neighbourhood through the purchasing of construction materials and wages for workers. All of the construction work is being done by Haitians.

  • Hetosa Food Security and Market Linkages through Value Chain Development

    Canadian Lutheran World Relief | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $23155 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project aims to alleviate food insecurity and increase incomes for 1,026 households in eight sub-districts (kebeles) of Hetosa District in Oromia Region, Ethiopia, by strengthening agricultural extension services, promoting small-scale irrigation agronomy, linking small scale farmers to local micro-finance institutions and enhancing the value chain participation of small scale farmers from input services to market.

  • Innovation for Rural Prosperity

    IDE Canada | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $29143 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project will support 7,000 farmers involved in dry season farming, helping them establish sustainable markets for their products. Local entrepreneurs will also be supported in providing goods and services to farmers, with the expectation that this supply chain will ultimately function without NGO intervention.

  • Livelihoods for Life

    ADRA Canada | Country: Cambodia | Amount: $8943 | Funded in 2013-14

    The Livelihoods for Life project will equip at-risk youth in targeted communities of Kampong Thom province with decision making power and protective and economic tools to alleviate their vulnerability to trafficking, reducing poverty, improving economic self-reliance and empowering the predominantly marginalized populations.

  • Machinga and Zomba Districts Water and Sanitation Projects

    Emmanuel International Canada | Country: Malawi | Amount: $7895 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project will provide clean water and improved sanitation to 80,000 beneficiaries in 92 communities in rural Malawi by drilling 8 boreholes, digging 24 shallow wells, rehabilitating 60 non-functional water points, constructing 3,576 improved sanitation facilities, training 92 communities in hygiene, and forming 92 Water Point Committees.