International Projects

Development Fund

The Development Fund supports projects that improve all areas of individual and community life in the Global South. Through the work of MCIC member agencies and their local partners, these projects are part of a long-term development process, rooted in a commitment to empowerment and self-determination for all peoples.

  • Maternal Health Project

    | Country: Haiti | Amount: $7,252 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project is intended to be part of a broader CIDA-sponsored multi-year project being conducted by International Child Care targeting women of reproductive age in a remote, rural region of Northern Haiti. The goal of the project is to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality by providing an integrated package of pre-natal services to at least 70 percent of pregnant women by the end of the project.

  • Medan Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Project

    | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $15,210 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project seeks to close gaps in the continuum of care by bridging the efforts of other organizations to enable holistic and comprehensive HIV/AIDS care. The project operates free HIV voluntary testing and counseling, home-based-care through volunteer networks, income generation for infected clients and education for community members on HIV prevention.

  • Moving Beyond Hunger

    Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $9,008 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Moving Beyond Hunger Tanzania (MBH-Tz) addresses the determinants of food security in rural communities in Karatu, Tanzania. It focuses on diversifying food production and consumption; income development; promoting equal gender influence; and integrating people living with HIV.

  • Providing Education and Protection to Children

    Save the Children - Canada | Country: Colombia | Amount: $10,939 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Providing education and protection to children affected by urban violence in Colombia is part of a three-year CIDA project which addresses the situation of out-of-school children in conflict affected countries. Its goal is to realize the right to quality formal and non-formal education for girls and boys in conflict affected areas in Colombia.

  • Reducing Domestic Violence Against Children

    | Country: El Salvador | Amount: $70,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project contributes to the reduction of domestic violence against children (girls and boys) in areas of El Salvador using gender-sensitive approaches.

  • Reducing Violence Against Children in Honduras

    | Country: Honduras | Amount: $40,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project contributes to the reduction of domestic violence against children (girls and boys) in areas of Honduras using gender-sensitive approaches.

  • Solar Powered Assistive Devices

    Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $6,052 | Funded in 2008/2009

    In this project, solar powered assistive devices are used to create employment and educational opportunities for persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe. Barriers resulting from disabling conditions require the application of technology. In turn, most of the devices need energy. Therefore, solar panels are sustainable and mobile sources of energy.

  • Strengthening Democratic Processes

    Canadian Lutheran World Relief | Country: India | Amount: $22,809 | Funded in 2008/2009

    In 107 beneficiary communities, this project oversees the training of Strategic Action Groups (SAGs) (Women: 48%; Men: 52%) leaders and members in gender equity, leadership, legal issues and business management and vocational training for development of credit and income generation opportunities.

  • Strengthening the Local Economy and the Community Cooperative of the Santa Marta Region

    United Church of Canada | Country: El Salvador | Amount: $10,085 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project aims to strengthen an integrated community development project and community cooperative in the Santa Marta region by: augmenting its apiary, kitchen garden, and poultry raising activities with 10 families to improve nutrition and income; strengthening the existing cooperative, integrating 100 members; and, assisting the cooperative in defending communal lands threatened by the possible eviction of 62 families.

  • Support to Peacebuilding Work

    Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba | Country: Uganda | Amount: $45,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    The overarching goal of this project is to strengthen community structures to advocate for peace, to constructively respond to conflicts, and to participate in reconciliation efforts. The community structures are parent support groups and youth groups of highly motivated and directly affected individuals that are committed to working towards peace in their community. Mediators will contribute to the reunification of families as formerly-abducted children return and mediate in the many conflicts between families that are a result of the war.