International Projects

Development Fund

The Development Fund supports projects that improve all areas of individual and community life in the Global South. Through the work of MCIC member agencies and their local partners, these projects are part of a long-term development process, rooted in a commitment to empowerment and self-determination for all peoples.

  • Research & Extension Activity Partnership (REAP)

    Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba | Country: Bangladesh | Amount: $120,000 | Funded in 2010/2011

    The MCC Research & Extension Activity Partnership (REAP) will increase local food production through agricultural extension work and strengthened coordination of local partner groups. A key component is training in environmentally-friendly agricultural technologies.

  • Stabilizing Food Security & Enhancing Livelihoods

    | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $8,161 | Funded in 2010/2011

    Stabilizing Food Security & Enhancing Livelihoods strengthens the capacity of its local partners to meet the needs of 10,000 women, children and men, thereby enhancing the resilience of vulnerable households.

  • Strengthening Strategic Action Groups

    Canadian Lutheran World Relief | Country: India | Amount: $36,632 | Funded in 2010/2011

    CLWR is Strengthening Strategic Action Groups in rural India. 170 communities are benefiting from training group leaders and members in gender equity, leadership, legal issues, business management and income generation, resulting in improved food security, sanitation and health. There is also a micro-enterprise component to this project.

  • Water & Sanitation – Bonke Project

    HOPE International Development Agency | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $9,219 | Funded in 2010/2011

    HOPE’s Water & Sanitation – Bonke project is working in drought-prone areas of southern Ethiopia to build local capacity and infrastructure for access to clean water for 11,000 people in 18 very remote villages. Activities include construction of gravity-fed spring protection infrastructure, health and sanitation training, and water distribution systems.

  • Youth Empowerment in Health & Environmental Conservation for Community Development

    | Country: Kenya | Amount: $10,428 | Funded in 2010/2011

    This project is entitled Youth Empowerment in Health & Environmental Conservation for Community Development. It will help young people take on an expanded leadership role in the Lari District of Central Kenya through a conference, group sharing, training, and networking.

  • Agriculture as a Business

    | Country: Ghana | Amount: $8,168 | Funded in 2009/2010

    The Agriculture as a Business project will increase farmers’ income on a sustainable basis by strengthening their capacity and creating an environment that enables them to take a business approach to farming. Engineers Without Borders will work with targeted communities on creating local linkages and developing the ability to share market information.

  • Burundi Project

    | Country: Burundi | Amount: $9,414 | Funded in 2009/2010

    The Burundi Project includes the construction of a youth resource centre in the town of Gasenyi where war-affected youth will be fed, educated and provided with a safe home environment. An additional 40 youth living with families in the community will also receive food, school fees and school uniforms.

  • Credit 2007 - 2010

    Tearfund Canada | Country: Cambodia | Amount: $15,661 | Funded in 2009/2010

    The Credit 2007 - 2010 project will focus on microfinance services to the poor and marginalized in Cambodia. The project ensures that these individuals will have the opportunity to develop their livelihoods and experience full and productive lives.

  • Farmers First Project

    Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $10,357 | Funded in 2009/2010

    The Farmers First project will use the “Farmer Field Schools” program to prepare trainers to meet with farmers to improve their production methods from planting to harvesting. Farmers will be encouraged in these “schools without walls” to build on their existing knowledge through experimentation and discovery. Approximately 1,500 households will benefit from this project (especially women, children and those living with HIV/AIDS) in Karatu and Bunda.

  • Girls Scholarship Program

    UNICEF Canada - Prairie Region | Country: Kenya | Amount: $30,000 | Funded in 2009/2010

    This Girls Education in Kenya project includes a Scholarship Program to Send Girls to Secondary School. It provides girls from rural, nomadic communities in northeastern Kenya with equal opportunities to compete for placements in universities and other post-secondary training.