International Projects

Development Fund

The Development Fund supports projects that improve all areas of individual and community life in the Global South. Through the work of MCIC member agencies and their local partners, these projects are part of a long-term development process, rooted in a commitment to empowerment and self-determination for all peoples.

  • Use of Small Indigenous Drought-Resistant Grains to Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Climate Change

    Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $6,857 | Funded in 2009/2010

    This project, which includes the Use of Small Indigenous Drought-Resistant Grains to Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Climate Change, will assist twenty families that include people with disabilities in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe. Modern farming techniques will be used to plant small grains such as sorghum and rapoko, which will help these families attain food security and contribute to their local economies.

  • Agricultural Food Security Program

    | Country: Bangladesh | Amount: $65,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Through this program, organizational development will be promoted among 15 selected partners, by providing training assistance. By developing their capacity, partners will be enabled to promote improved and environment friendly agricultural technologies among rural poor beneficiaries. MCC Bangladesh will increase the income of and access to basic needs of families by providing support in the areas of agriculture technology.

  • Agriculture as a Business

    | Country: Ghana | Amount: $6,466 | Funded in 2008/2009

    The focus of Agriculture as a Business is to increase farmers’ incomes on a sustainable basis by strengthening farmers’ capacity and creating an environment that enables farmers to take a business approach to farming.

  • Building a Computer Lab

    Osu Children’s Library Fund | Country: Ghana | Amount: $8,038 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Funds for this project have gone toward the building of a computer lab for the existing Nungua Library in Accra, Ghana. The lab will serve library users and literacy students, giving them useful computer and keyboard skills.

  • Community-Based Development Program

    MATCH International Women’s Fund | Country: Nepal | Amount: $5,985 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project will enable women to earn a living and gain access to resources to take care of their health and that of their families. MCIC’s contribution goes toward funding the farming activities of this project.

  • Developing Markets for Sustainable Livestock Assets

    IDE Canada | Country: Vietnam | Amount: $24,569 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This one-year project will enable 400 families to earn an average incremental income of $100 from pig production. The project will create demand and provide information on pig raising techniques and develop the local private sector supply chain network providing productive inputs to meet demand and link pig raisers to markets.

  • Ecotourism and Conservation in the Tumbes Mangrove National Sanctuary

    Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) | Country: Peru | Amount: $30,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project will enable long-term conservation in the Tumbes National Mangrove Sanctuary. Eco-tourism will bring an alternative economic opportunity that will balance the needs of an impoverished community and a threatened ecosystem.

  • Feasibility Study of Fair Trade Agricultural Products

    Crossroads International | Country: Bolivia | Amount: $1,608 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Crossroad’s Bolivian partner organization, FONCRESOL, provides training and microcredit to rural producers. This project explores the opportunities and implications for small agricultural producers to increase their markets by adopting Fair Trade practices.

  • Governance-Ecosystems-Livelihoods Program

    World Vision Canada | Country: Congo (DR), Mauritania, Rwanda, Tanzania | Amount: $110,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    The GEL program has been initiated to build the capacity of the partners and communities World Vision works with in Africa in order to better design appropriate and effective community-based development initiatives. Through these community projects, the GEL program will support initiatives that positively impact household income, enhance community decision-making processes and address relevant environmental challenges.

  • Helping Marginalized & Vulnerable Populations

    | Country: Mexico | Amount: $7,179 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project seeks to reduce the number of migrant youth who, after being detained or deported from the United States, are thrown back into the dangerous streets of Tijuana and exposed to drugs and prostitution.