International Projects

Community Solidarity Fund

The Community Solidarity Fund provides funding to Manitoba not-for-profit, community-based groups involved in development projects overseas. The fund is available to non-member and MCIC affiliate members and provides another way to help Manitobans work together with partners around the world.

Click here for the Community Solidarity Fund Application Form and Funding Guide.

  • Wautu Community Water Project

    Prairie Wind Mennonite Church | Country: Kenya | Amount: $8,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will help build a sand dam for a rural village in the Rift Valley. The sand dam will create a natural reservoir during the rainy season, providing a year-round supply of water close to homes and communities. This will spare local residents, particularly women and girls, the daily trek to fetch water from a distant source.

  • Artisanal Production Training for Women of CPA Mushie Kinsuka

    Sierra Leone Refugee Resettlement, Inc. / AKAM (Association Kasaienne du Manitoba) | Country: Congo (DR) | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    This projects aims to train women on artisanal production of salted fish from the fresh fish most easily obtained locally. Salted fish is one of the most consumed foods in the area. The women will gain experience in management of production, and enhance their reading, writing and numeracy skills.

  • Building a Primary School for the Children of Ban Pakxoun

    School for Kids in Laos Inc. | Country: Laos | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    SKL Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to building schools in the rural regions of Laos. The objective is to replace dilapidated schools with more adequate, permanent structures. This project provides children in the village of Ban Pakxoun the opportunity to learn in a safer, proper environment.

  • Construction of Sand Dam

    Mennonite Church | Country: Kenya | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    The Rift Valley of Kenya suffers from persistent drought. Riverbeds dry up quickly. Sand dams create a natural reservoir during the rainy season providing a year-round supply of water close to home. Local residents, particularly women and girls, are spared the daily trek to fetch water from a distant source.

  • Education for Orphans and Less Fortunate

    Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada/Namwira Folks / World Mission Good Seed | Country: Congo (DR) | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    This project’s aim is to offer 68 children an opportunity to go back to school. Some of these children are war orphans and others have either been abandoned or have fled from their families due to extreme poverty.

  • Looking In, Speaking Out, Phase 2

    Crossing Communities Art Project | Country: Nepal | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    The project includes 6 video/discussion workshops for women and youth in Kathmandu and Patan. Participants will screen and respond to videos created by Women Foundation Nepal and Crossing Communities Art Project. Their perspectives will be aired on Himilayan Television and on the CCAP website.

  • Migrant Workers Children’s Community Health Initiative

    Winnipeg Chinese Lutheran Church | Country: China | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    China has 230 million domestic migrant workers. Migrants are rural people living unofficially in cities. They are denied access to healthcare, education, and social services. This project will mobilize volunteer health professionals to provide public health for migrant children in informal schools and will train parents as community health workers.

  • Pre-School Enhancement Project in Nyamatala Village

    Rivers Kids Club Nursery School Inc. | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    Children aged five and six in Tanzania may voluntarily attend two years of pre-school education. Improving the pre-school environment at Nyamatala Primary School in the Lake Zone through a provision of food program, classroom and sports supplies, and teacher capacity building, will encourage attendance and support literacy and numeracy during subsequent mandatory schooling.

  • Sustainable Development for Grandmorthers - Phase II

    Grannies Gone Global | Country: Uganda | Amount: $5000 | Funded in 2013-14

    Grannies Gone Global provides emotional and physical support for grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren. This project will help grandmothers in Uganda develop sustainable livelihoods to pay for school tuition fees, and to buy food and clothing for their grandchildren. A monthly grandmother support group will be established.

  • Coeur dans la main

    Amigos de L.U.I.S. Inc. / College Louis Riel | Country: Dominican Republic | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Through the Coeur dans la main project, a group of students from Winnipeg will spend 2 weeks in a remote and deprived region (province of Ocoa) of the Dominican Republic and will take part in building at least one home through a local organization (ADESJO). The new sturdy, structurally sound brick houses replace old, dilapidated wooden structures, some with thatched roofs. The construction is an ongoing project in the region.