International Projects

Community Solidarity Fund

The Community Solidarity Fund provides funding to Manitoba not-for-profit, community-based groups involved in development projects overseas. The fund is available to non-member and MCIC affiliate members and provides another way to help Manitobans work together with partners around the world.

Click here for the Community Solidarity Fund Application Form and Funding Guide.

  • A Journey Back to Sedika from Winnipeg

    Wide World Faith Church | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will improve the quality of education at Sedika School by providing school supplies and other educational resources. It will develop facilities to aid teaching and empower the local community through sustainable development projects.

  • Anti-Jigger Campaign

    St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church | Country: Kenya | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will empower schools and community members to participate in the prevention, control and treatment of jiggers. The project involves training, peer education, sensitization and mobilization to ensure the management, treatment and eradication of the jigger menace in western Kenya.

  • Building a Primary School for Ban Kangxé

    Schools for Kids in Laos | Country: Laos | Amount: $8,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will provide children in the village of Kangxé the opportunity to learn in a safer environment by replacing a dilapidated school with a new, five-classroom school. This will ensure all children in the village can attend school.

  • Building Hope after Hurricane Irma

    Dubois Charitable Foundation | Country: Cuba | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    Hurricane Irma resulted in significant devastation across the Cuba, including extraordinary flooding and destruction of family houses and community buildings. This project will provide long-life support materials to families and introduce them to strategies to help effectively restore and develop their communities.

  • Cereal Bank Development Program

    Church of the Good Shepherd | Country: Kenya | Amount: $8,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will introduce cereal banking to widows in western Kenya to improve food security and sustain their livelihoods. The project will include training for improved cereal farming, harvesting and food preservation; buying grains from local farmers to loan back during leaner periods; and knowledge on pest control and storage silos.

  • Education for Uganda’s Most Vulnerable Children

    Bridging Villages | Country: Uganda | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will work with local partners to purchase land and expand the infrastructure of Mugalula Community School in Namavundu. It is the only school of its kind in the region, providing education either completely free or at a significantly reduced tuition rate to vulnerable and orphaned children.

  • Health Improvement for Women and Children in Kulaman Valley

    Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions | Country: Philippines | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will work with local community health volunteers to provide health care and education to the Dulangan Menubo Indigenous people living in villages surrounding the area of Kulaman, Mindanao. The project will prioritize pre- and post-natal care, nutrition and health care for women and children.

  • Humankind Academy Expansion

    Rotary Club of Winnipeg | Country: Kenya | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will increase access to early childhood education in Dadaab refugee camp by expanding a previously established early childhood education school in order to enroll 50 more students.

  • Maendalo Project: Computer Training Centre

    St. Ouens Pentecostal Church | Country: Congo (DR) | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will provide computer training to Congolese youth to improve their chances of employment. Working with an established a computer-training centre in Lubumbashi, the project will help fund additional computers and other equipment including a printer, a scanner and a power generator

  • Supporting Orphans’ Right to Education

    Accountable Development Works | Country: Congo (DR) | Amount: $6,000 | Funded in 2018-2019

    This project will provide laboratory equipment to Le Chevronné School, a K-12 school that caters to students living in poverty. It will also provide graduates with the opportunity to learn income-earning skills by operating small food and school supply kiosks.