International Projects

  • Feasibility Study of Fair Trade Agricultural Products

    Crossroads International | Country: Bolivia | Amount: $1,608 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Crossroad’s Bolivian partner organization, FONCRESOL, provides training and microcredit to rural producers. This project explores the opportunities and implications for small agricultural producers to increase their markets by adopting Fair Trade practices.

  • Flooding Relief

    HOPE International Development Agency | Country: Honduras | Amount: $20,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    HOPE International Development Agency is supporting its local partner in Honduras to provide immediate relief to farmers devastated by the hurricane and subsequent flooding. HOPE is helping 2,500 families who have lost their crops to replant 2,000 acres of corn and beans.

  • Governance-Ecosystems-Livelihoods Program

    World Vision Canada | Country: Congo (DR), Mauritania, Rwanda, Tanzania | Amount: $110,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    The GEL program has been initiated to build the capacity of the partners and communities World Vision works with in Africa in order to better design appropriate and effective community-based development initiatives. Through these community projects, the GEL program will support initiatives that positively impact household income, enhance community decision-making processes and address relevant environmental challenges.

  • Helping Marginalized & Vulnerable Populations

    | Country: Mexico | Amount: $7,179 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project seeks to reduce the number of migrant youth who, after being detained or deported from the United States, are thrown back into the dangerous streets of Tijuana and exposed to drugs and prostitution.

  • Kariba Rural Drought Relief Programme

    United Church of Canada | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $10,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project is an intervention to assist drought stricken people in Kariba using proven conservation farming techniques. The protracted relief program is meant to alleviate the critical food and nutrition challenges of 200 families and enable them to survive the next year without loss of life or livelihood.

  • Maternal Health Project

    | Country: Haiti | Amount: $7,252 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project is intended to be part of a broader CIDA-sponsored multi-year project being conducted by International Child Care targeting women of reproductive age in a remote, rural region of Northern Haiti. The goal of the project is to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality by providing an integrated package of pre-natal services to at least 70 percent of pregnant women by the end of the project.

  • Medan Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Project

    | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $15,210 | Funded in 2008/2009

    This project seeks to close gaps in the continuum of care by bridging the efforts of other organizations to enable holistic and comprehensive HIV/AIDS care. The project operates free HIV voluntary testing and counseling, home-based-care through volunteer networks, income generation for infected clients and education for community members on HIV prevention.

  • Moving Beyond Hunger

    Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $9,008 | Funded in 2008/2009

    Moving Beyond Hunger Tanzania (MBH-Tz) addresses the determinants of food security in rural communities in Karatu, Tanzania. It focuses on diversifying food production and consumption; income development; promoting equal gender influence; and integrating people living with HIV.

  • Pirkhain Project

    | Country: Bangladesh | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2008/2009

    The Pirkhain Project is a development model located in rural Bangladesh which has poor socio-economic conditions, high maternal and child mortality, and poor access to education and training. The introduction of computer education at the high school level is a continuation of development that started with a health care centre, a high school and a library.

  • Primary School Rainwater Harvesting

    Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $18,482 | Funded in 2008/2009

    The Primary School Rainwater Harvesting program works with school communities to secure continual access to safe water in a context of East African climate change effects. The installation of rainwater harvesting tanks harnesses the predicted increases in precipitation to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change in that region.