International Projects

  • Education is Our Future

    Canadian Humanitarian | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $9,510 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Education is Our Future is a project designed to provide training in three vocations, metal working, wood working and hair dressing that are in high demand in order that young adults can gain the skills and experience they need to obtain meaningful employment. This program will train 60-70 men and women each year.

  • El Creciente Pueblo (The Growing Village).

    University of Manitoba /The Alternative Village | Country: Honduras | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The Alternative Village at the University of Manitoba will partner with Consonlaca Honduras. Engineering students will construct an adobe house as a replacement for an existing structure that is not functioning at an acceptable performance level for the family in El Creciente Pueblo (The Growing Village). The long-term goal is to develop capacity for sustainable development.

  • Enhancing Livelihood Opportunities of Returnees in Mannar District

    Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund | Country: Sri Lanka | Amount: $17,882 | Funded in 2012/2013

    This project is Enhancing Livelihood Opportunities of Returnees in Mannar District by assisting them in constructing four agro wells for off-season highland agricultural production to enhance food security, and repairing an access road.

  • Farmers First

    Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $12,972 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Through formation of both gender balanced and women’s only Farmers Field Schools, Farmers First supports vulnerable households, with a focus on women headed households and households affected by HIV, to increase and diversify their food production, to improve their food storage and processing capacities, to improve their planning and budgeting capacity, to increase their income and thereby to improve their food security while managing their natural resources sustainably.

  • Haiti Urban Gardens

    Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) | Country: Haiti | Amount: $30,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

    As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is a food insecure country where fresh produce is expensive and often unavailable in the cities. MEDA’s pilot project in urban agriculture, Haiti Urban Gardens, aims to create a possible income generating activity and increase horticultural production in urban neighbourhoods.

  • Innovation for Rural Prosperity

    IDE Canada | Country: Ghana | Amount: $29,350 | Funded in 2012/2013

    Innovation for Rural Prosperity will provide supports necessary for farmers to earn incomes from dry season farming. iDE has designed suitable treadle pumps for irrigation, and also provides training for growing dry land crops and managing diseases and pests. iDE also assists farmers to find better markets for their production.

  • Internships for Vocational Training Graduates in the West Bank

    Canadian Lutheran World Relief | Country: Palestine | Amount: $15,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

    This project will improve the market participation and quality of employment of 56 female and male graduates (50% female) of the LWR’s Vocational Training Program through work experience (three-month Internships for Vocational Training Graduates in the West Bank) and employability skills training with emphasis on female graduates, people with disabilities and holders of West Bank IDs.

  • Iquitos Flooding Relief

    HOPE International Development Agency | Country: Peru | Amount: $15,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

    HOPE is providing Iquitos Flooding Relief with emergency supplies and preventive health education to mitigate the spread of disease among 1,500 vulnerable families after heavy rainfall caused severe flooding of Amazonian rivers in northern Peru. Families in urban slum areas are at highest risk from fatal communicable diseases.

  • K.P.S. Playground Rejuvenation Project

    Mondetta Charity Foundation | Country: Uganda | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The K.P.S. Playground Rejuvenation Project is supporting the construction of a playground and play structure on the grounds of the Kamwokya Primary School in Kampala. Mondetta Charity Foundation is also involved in the feeding, renovation and educational programs at the school to create a positive learning environment.

  • Livelihoods for Life

    ADRA Canada | Country: Cambodia | Amount: $9,835 | Funded in 2012/2013

    The Livelihoods for Life project will equip at-risk youth in targeted communities of Kampong Thom province with decision making power and protective and economic tools to alleviate their vulnerability to trafficking, reducing poverty, improving economic self-reliance and empowering the predominantly marginalized populations.