International Projects

  • Empowerment of People Living with Disabilities

    World Renew | Country: Nigeria | Amount: $18,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project seeks to improve the livelihoods of 180 polio survivors and other marginalized people with disabilities (60% Female / 40% Male) in north central Nigeria by providing mobile aids, enrollment support for school aged beneficiaries, vocational training, self help empowerment and advocacy for the rights of people living with disabilities.

  • Enabling Local Ownership for Development

    Inter Pares | Country: Colombia | Amount: $8,065 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project seeks to collaborate with Project Counselling Service (PCS) to strengthen its overall institutional effectiveness and its “Latinamericanization” process which advocates on behalf of the region’s citizens, provides capacity building support to local counterparts and fosters mutual learning processes that enable knowledge sharing.

  • Facilitating Informed and Considered Refugee Return

    Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund | Country: India | Amount: $14,709 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project seeks to assist a target of 65,593 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in refugee camps in Tamilnadu, India, in negotiating for favorable policies for refugee return and an informed and considered return to their homeland.

  • Financial Inclusion through Community Partnerships

    Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) | Country: Uganda | Amount: $30,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project aims to promote savings mobilization by targeting 15,915 group members of informal rural savings groups through mobile channels to accessing formal banks. MCIC funding will go toward activities that strengthen the uptake of the product such as delivering mobile financial education curriculum.

  • Food and Agricultural Assistance in Sasha and Mubimbi IDP Camps

    Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba | Country: Congo (DR) | Amount: $120,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project seeks to provide food, seeds, tools and agricultural training to 3,084 people (514 families) living in Shasha (218 households) and Mubimbi (296 households) IDP camps in DRC chosen due to their comparable high levels of need. MCIC funds will be used toward the procurement of food essentials and capital goods.

  • Food Security through Co-operatives in Northern Ghana

    Co-operative Development Foundation | Country: Ghana | Amount: $22,436 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project goal is to increase sustainable, gender equitable food security for over 42,000 small holder farmers in 8 districts of Northern Ghana. It hopes to build the capacity of the farmers as members of agricultural co-operatives and credit unions by providing technical assistance, entrepreneurship training and microfinance products available only for women.

  • Food Security through Conservation Agriculture

    The Lighthouse Church / Score Against Poverty | Country: Zimbabwe | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    This project aims to improve food security for fifteen villages in Mwenezi District of Zimbabwe through conservation agriculture.

  • Hetosa Food Security & Market Linkages

    Canadian Lutheran World Relief | Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $46,903 | Funded in 2014-15

    The program seeks to alleviate food insecurity and increase incomes for 1,026 households in eight sub-districts of Hetosa District, Ethiopia by strengthening agricultural extension services, promoting small-scale irrigation agronomy, linking small scale farmers to local micro-finance institutions and enhancing the value chain participation of small scale farmers. MCIC funding will go toward program implementation activities such as training, equipment, contracted labor and local personnel.

  • HumanKind Academy

    Accountable Development Works / Humankind International | Country: Kenya | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2014-15

    The organization has constructed, equipped and staffed a school in the camp with 71 children currently enrolled. This project aims to increase access to early childhood education for 79 additional children in the Dadaab Refugee Camp.

  • Improved Income for Families with Disabilities

    IDE Canada | Country: Ghana | Amount: $6,800 | Funded in 2014-15

    The project seeks to lead to improved incomes for forty farmers with disabilities, including blindness by providing them with accessible capital to erect fencing around their community gardens/fields.