International Projects

MCIC administers the Manitoba Government Matching Grant Program (MGMGP), which funds projects in many parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. These projects address a wide range of issues, such as education, literacy, job creation, agriculture, the environment, micro-enterprise business development and health.

Last year, MCIC member organizations raised $24.9 million in Manitoba for their international development work, and each year MCIC disburses $1.2 million from the Government of Manitoba for our members’ overseas projects through the MGMGP.

The MGMGP grants are distributed through four funds: the Development Fund, the Theme Fund, the Community Solidarity Fund and the Relief & Rehabilitation Fund.

MCIC defines development as a long-term process promoting community involvement in designing strategies to correct and improve chronic and structural problems in all areas of individual and community life. The majority of the MGMGP funds are used for this purpose. MCIC supports development projects that include our Development Principles.

Our Development Principles:

1 Respect and promote human rights and justice

2 Embody gender equality and equity while promoting women and girls’ rights

3 Focus on people’s empowerment, democratic ownership and participation

4 Promote Environmental Sustainability

5 Practice transparency and accountability

6 Pursue equitable partnerships and solidarity

7 Create and share knowledge and commit to mutual learning

8 Commit to realizing positive sustainable change

Development Fund

The Development Fund supports projects that improve all areas of individual and community life in the Global South. Through the work of MCIC member agencies and their local partners, these projects are part of a long-term development process, rooted in a commitment to empowerment and self-determination for all peoples.

Featured Project

Market-Led Improved Livelihoods in Eastern Amhara Region

| Country: Ethiopia | Amount: $7,633 | Funded in 2014-15

The project seeks to utilize a market-led approach to improve the livelihoods and food security for 8,000 smallholder farmer households (40,000 beneficiaries) in Eastern Amhara Region. MCIC funding will go towards the training of forty government specialists and development agents, and over 100 Cooperative members on business skills, marketing and agricultural business management.

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Theme Fund

The Theme Fund encourages MCIC member organizations to take a broader view of development projects by responding to current issues of international concern.

MCIC’s Theme Fund for 2018-19 is: Sustainable Urban Centres: Meeting People’s Needs in an Urbanizing World.

The current pattern of rapid and often unplanned growth of urban areas presents governments, civil society organizations and the private sector with urgent challenges that require innovative, participatory, gender-responsive and egalitarian approaches and solutions.

MCIC’s Theme Fund is seeking innovative project applications from its member organizations that aim to tackle challenges within an urban setting, such as, but not limited to, livelihoods, safety, education, health, sanitation, nutrition, community leadership and governance. MCIC sees gender equality, human rights and environmental sustainability as crosscutting themes in development.

Featured Project

St. Camille Tokan Care Centre Women’s Dormitory

Cuso International | Country: Benin | Amount: $20,000 | Funded in 2014-15

The Project seeks to build a full service care center including an out-patient clinic and 8 dormitories for a target of 2,400 people with mental disabilities.

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Community Solidarity Fund

The Community Solidarity Fund provides funding to Manitoba not-for-profit, community-based groups involved in development projects overseas. The fund is available to non-member and MCIC affiliate members and provides another way to help Manitobans work together with partners around the world.

Click here for the Community Solidarity Fund Application Form and Funding Guide.

Featured Project

Tanzania 2013

River East Transcona School Division / Kildonan East Collegiate | Country: Tanzania | Amount: $5,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

Tanzania 2013 is a group of students partnering in a humanitarian project with Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief. The project will purchase building materials to construct rainwater harvesting tanks at a school in Karatu, Tanzania. It will also provide funds for latrines for girls, drinking water and hand washing stations, hygiene education, and training to establish a water management committee. Kildonan-East Collegiate students will have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania in May 2013 to learn firsthand about global issues and reinforce their awareness of global citizenship.

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Relief and Rehabilitation Fund

The Relief and Rehabilitation Fund helps MCIC member agencies support communities as they respond to the effects of disasters. Funded projects are often part of collaborative international relief efforts.

Featured Project

Typhoon Bopha Relief

HOPE International Development Agency | Country: Philippines | Amount: $40,000 | Funded in 2012/2013

The Typhoon Bopha Relief project will provide emergency food, shelter materials, and medical relief to 6,000 vulnerable families in scattered rural mountains, the areas worst hit by the storm.

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