The Canadian Council for International Co-operation Recognizes MCIC with Innovation Award

Posted May 19th 2015

On Wednesday May 13, in the framework of its annual conference, the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) awarded four prizes to Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs) working in international development, in recognition of their innovative and effective projects and their impact in developing countries.

“This year the central theme of our annual conference is the post-2015 agenda and the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, indicated President-CEO of CCIC Julia Sanchez. “Addressing inequality, tackling climate change and promoting women’s rights are all central themes of the new SDGs and this is also being recognized in the Awards” she added.

In the Effectiveness category, the winning organization is: -CARE Canada, for its “Food Security and Livelihoods Program Strategy in Ethiopia”. The program has brought together different donors and stakeholders, including the Ethiopian government, to empower chronically food insecure women to achieve sustainable food and livelihood security. Thousands of households have benefited from the program.

In the Innovation category, the winning organizations are: - The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, for their “Justice in a Changing Climate” Youth Conference, which brought together 249 students to explore the concept of climate change and social justice, develop leadership skills and empower them to take action in their schools and communities.

-The Match International Women’s Fund, for their #Unlockchange campaign which reached out to the general public on women’s rights with powerful campaign images at bus stops, public service announcements on television and radio stations, as well as by driving a van with photos of handcuffed models downtown Toronto on International Women’s Day.

-The Aga Khan Foundation Canada, for their Girls’ Education Support Program in Afghanistan and its Flexible Response Fund, which was created to provide grants to communities to reduce barriers to girls’ education. The approach has allowed communities to take ownership over girls’ education by identifying and addressing the main obstacles to girls’ education. 

The CCIC Innovation and Effectiveness Awards were created in 2013 to celebrate excellence in international development. “We, as Canadians, can be proud of the work done by Canadian CSOs working in international development,” said Ms. Sanchez.

“They are committed, engaged and flexible in their approach. The CCIC Innovation and Effectiveness Awards recognize some of these initiatives and how they contribute to fostering positive social change”, she concluded.