Rebuilding Nepal

Posted April 25th 2016

Photo courtesy of iDE Canada 

Photo courtesy of iDE Canada (

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of thousands. It inflicted irreparable damage on communities and left millions of people without a home.

It’s been one year since that horrific day and many Nepali families are still recovering from the toll this disaster took on their lives. Their immediate need for food, shelter and first aid in the days directly following the quake may have passed, but there is still a staggering amount of work to be done.

We’re proud of the MCIC Members who continue to stand alongside families and help them rebuild.

USC Canada helped restore seedstock, tools and livestock for farmers in Rasuwa, helping them prepare for the quickly approaching summer planting season.

iDE Canada helped small-scale farmers and their families by providing vouchers for the essential farming materials needed to lessen the impact of the earthquake on their vegetable harvests.

MATCH International worked with women in Kayre to help build temporary housing and protect vulnerable families during monsoon season.

Additional Members used MCIC funding to provide necessary emergency support immediately following the earthquake:

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

HOPE International Development Agency

Mennonite Central Committee

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund