In Solidarity with #BlackoutTuesday

Posted June 3rd 2020

MCIC stands in solidarity with everyone working for greater equality in the world. On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the #BlackoutTuesday campaign asked us all to take time to share and support #BlackLivesMatter, and pause to encourage everyone to listen, learn and take action. We recognize this movement is much larger than one day of solidarity - please read further to learn how you can support, learn, and take action for a just world.

How to support and learn:

  • Looking for ways you can help? Visit Black Lives Matter to learn more, and click on #BLMCanada.

  • Support local organizations like QTPOC Winnipeg, Black Space Winnipeg, other organizations set up by Black people, to achieve justice for Black people.

  • Learn more about ways to support, organizations that are helping, and Black Canadian authors to read in this Huffington Post article.

  • Learn how Canada needs to do better too, and consider our treatment of Indigenous communities as highlighted in this article from Maclean’s.

  • Still wondering what the connections are between #BlackLivesMatter and the Sustainable Development Goals? Read this article from Global Citizen: What Black Lives Matter and the Global Goals Have in Common.

  • Get informed about the issues arising in America today and learn how to take action, with this article from the Obama Foundation: Anguish and Action.

This week and always, join us as we educate ourselves on the issues and amplify Black voices and organizations in this work. We move forward together at home and abroad, joined in solidarity.