Canadian CSO delegates attend the United Nations’ Forum on Sustainable Development

Posted July 17th 2017

This week, two CSO representatives and two youth delegates from the Inter-Council Network of Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation (ICN) are in New York City for the second High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Meet the ICN delegates and discover how they’re contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Deborah Glaser

Deborah Glaser is the Senior Policy Analyst for the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) and has over 15 years’ experience working in sustainable development and climate change. Deborah liaises between BCCIC’s member organizations and the provincial and federal governments to ensure effective Canadian international development policy.

Deborah leads BCCIC in integrating local, provincial, and federal policy planning with the SDGs and has been meeting regularly with the British Columbia provincial government to discuss subnational planning and integration of the SDGs where jurisdictionally appropriate. In this role, she also manages the policy engagement arm of BC 2030 – an initiative to make the SDGs a point of the environment and socioeconomic issue – and has led the development of a policy engagement toolkit and SDG scorecards for regional performance toward the 2030 Agenda targets.

Prior to BCCIC, Deborah was the Founding Secretary of the Mediterranean Cities Climate Change Consortium (MC-4), a network for building urban resilience to climate change and sustainable development challenges in Mediterranean climates. In this role, Deborah worked with members from across seven countries and six sectors (public health, governance, water, biodiversity, energy, built environment) to cooperatively participate in policy and strategy implementation for climate resilience and sustainable development.

Deborah holds a Master in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a focus on international climate change policy and is particularly interested in the intersection of the 2030 Agenda with the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework and the New Urban Agenda. Deborah represented BCCIC at COP22, where she looked to emerging policies and processes as a means to connect to SDG 13, climate action.

Deborah has written extensively on the link between Agenda 2030 and the climate action objectives of the Paris Agreement, as well as on the need to connect Canada’s domestic and international policies based on the principles of interconnectedness and universality.

Adil Skalli

Adil Skalli is a project officer at the United Nations Association in Canada where he oversees a variety of youth-oriented educational programming in diplomacy, entrepreneurship, negotiation, climate change action and other professional skills. As a graduate of Carleton University in Communications and Political Science, Adil is passionate about the work of the UN, notably in terms of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and their related projects. He is particularly motivated to promote youth engagement in the resolution of international issues and the promotion of sustainable development. The majority of Adil’s work experience is in strategic communications and project management, but he is also known for his work leading training workshops and giving presentations on the issues of sustainable development and youth engagement. Adil’s work is rooted in the belief that growing global citizens through targeted education and training programs is the best way to foster positive and sustainable change on an international scale.

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Marilyn Verghis

Marilyn Verghis recently graduated from McGill University with First Class Honours in International Development and minors in Economics and Women’s Studies. Her advocacy for the advancement of social justice and sustainable international development have led to her leadership on the youth advisory council for the federal Member of Parliament of Brampton-North, the Board of Directors of Equal Voice Canada, and the United Nations InterAgency Network for Youth Development’s Gender Working Group. Marilyn’s academic, professional and personal passions converge on the equitable inclusion and promotion of intersectional women and girls in politics and public life both in Canada and abroad.

Morrell Andrews

Morrell Andrews is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia where she studied International Relations and Political Science. Over the course of her degree she travelled to twenty countries, was internationally recognized for her research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, interned for the U.S. State Department reporting on human trafficking trends and at Global Affairs Canada in European trade relations as well as North American advocacy, published four academic papers, received awards for her leadership in the University of British Columbia community, and served as a Fellow at the Mosaic Institute to engage nearly 500 youths on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Morrell recently returned from representing Canadian youth at the Y20 Summit, where she chaired the Working Group on The 2030 Agenda and presented policy recommendations to Chancellor Merkel. In August she will begin a Fellowship with the Aga Khan Development Network in Nairobi, Kenya.

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