Feminist Lens in Development Workshop

Posted November 7th 2017

Karen Craggs-Milne, Gender Equality Incorporated

Karen Craggs-Milne, Gender Equality Incorporated

Explore development through a feminist lens during this immersive, three-day training session with leading Canadian expert on gender equality, Karen Craggs-Milne.

The workshop will cover everything from the foundational concepts of gender equality, to the new Feminist International Assistance Policy and impacts for Canadian NGOs, to gender-based analysis for programming.

Participants will vote on two additional topics for Karen to cover on day three.

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Date: November 15-17, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cost: $1000 per person, including lunch and snacks

Trainer: Karen Craggs-Milne, Gender Equality Incorporated

Location: 4th floor, Creative Manitoba, 300-245 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S6


Day 1: Foundational Concepts, Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy and what it means for your work, Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sex vs Gender
  • Gender identity as a continuum
  • Process of socialization
  • Gender myths and implications
  • Equality vs equity
  • Condition vs Position
  • Practical needs vs strategic interests
  • Access vs Control
  • Presence, participation and decision-making
  • Applying a feminist lens to development - Canada’s new feminist assistance policy and your work
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Day 2: Gender-Based Analysis (GBA), frameworks and when to use GBA in the programming cycle

  • What is GBA and why does it matter?
  • Pros and cons of different gender analysis frameworks
  • Women’s empowerment framework, Harvard analytical framework, gender analysis matrix, policy analysis matrix & differential impact analysis
  • When to do GBA in program cycle
  • What is involved in doing a GBA?
  • What comes next after a GBA is done?

Day 3: To be determined, based on participant interest.

Space for this workshop is limited, so please register as soon as possible - the last day to register is November 12th.

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