Posted January 12th 2021

A Resource for Global-Minded Artists in the Classroom

Global Affairs Canada just released 12 unique colouring pages as an educational tool for your classrooms. These beautiful illustrations can help spark the learner or the artist in your life open a dialogue about Canada’s role in international assistance.

From reinforcing the need to end poverty and gender inequality, to showing the role played by NGOs in delivering vaccinations, art has the power open a conversation with Canadians about Canada’s international role in ensuring a just, equitable and healthy world for all people, everywhere.

Get colouring!

These colouring pages are divided into two packages and are available in both French and English:

The first document is a four-panel story that follows the experience of a young woman named Ana in Lima as she helps young Venezuelans settle into life in Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second document includes illustrations of the diverse faces of global citizens all around the world and depicts two examples of international assistance in practice.

Access the PDFs of the resources in both official languages HERE