Apply to join Global Affairs Canada’s new CSO Partnerships Advisory Group

Posted December 13th 2017

Global Affairs Canada recently announced that they will establish an Advisory Group to help implement the ‘CSO Partnerships for International Assistance Policy.’

The Advisory Group will have ten members, including seven from civil society organizations, and will meet three times a year. The first meeting is set for February 2018.

The Advisory Group will:

  • Track progress on the implementation of the Policy, take stock of activities planned to support the Policy’s objectives, and adjust action areas as needed.

  • Help set parameters for annual reporting on the implementation of the Policy.

  • Give shape to an annual meeting between Global Affairs Canada and a broader group of civil society organizations, which is tentatively set for November 2018. The annual meeting will review implementation of at least three of the Policy’s objectives, discuss evolving CSO challenges and opportunities, and signal back to the Advisory Group the need for any new action areas.

If you’re interested in being considered for the Advisory Group, please complete the application form by 4:00 PM CST on January 5.


Please note: The form solicits answers with respect to both the individual applying and the organization they work for, which will help map and consider a range of factors.