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Students Awarded for Global Citizenship

Released on June 23rd 2009

Manitoba – Three Grade 12 students are being recognized this year by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation for being active Global Citizens.

Justin Monton from Maples Collegiate, Michelle Cielen from Sisler High School (both in Winnipeg) and Jordan Guiboche from Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre in Norway House are the recipients of the 2009 Global Citizenship Awards, which they will receive at their respective graduation ceremonies this month (Maples Collegiate on June 24th, Sisler High School on June 30th and Helen Betty Osborne on June 25th).

“A Global Citizen is someone who tries their hardest to make positive change, whether it be on a small or large scale,” says award winner Jordan Guiboche. “It entails a responsibility to teach others, but also a responsibility to practice what you preach.”

This is the inaugural year of MCIC’s Global Citizenship student award. The award was established to recognize students who have engaged in meaningful leadership and global citizenship volunteer activities aimed at a more just and sustainable world. Participating schools were asked to nominate one student who had made an impact in their school or community through taking action and raising awareness on global issues. The three successful candidates were chosen from a group of excellent applicants. Each will receive an award of $200.

“Through their actions, these students have shown they are committed to making our world a better place,” says Janice Hamilton, MCIC Executive Director. “They are leaders in their schools and we expect they will continue to be leaders in their communities for years to come. Their active global citizenship is an inspiration to use all.

Please see profiles and photographs of the three Global Citizenship Award recipients in the corresponding ‘Global Citizen Profiles’ page.

*The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) is a coalition of 41 organizations involved in international development. An independent non-profit organization, MCIC is responsible for distributing Government of Manitoba funds designated for international development and emergency relief and rehabilitation and works within Manitoba to build understanding and engagement on international issues. *

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