We Are Making A Difference

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To celebrate International Development Week 2015 (February 1-7, 2015), four talented high school students from around Manitoba have created a spoken word piece called “When the Child is Healthy, the Mother is Happy” about one of today’s leading topics in international development, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH).

The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) arranged for these talented young Manitobans to get together to write and perform a spoken word piece. “When the Child is Healthy, the Mother is Happy” tells the story of a young woman, the barriers she faces during pregnancy, and the life her daughter lives.

Catherine Bergs, Kierstin Whitney, Abdul Abusaleh and Ashton Bonkowski worked with spoken word facilitator Steve Locke to create the piece in celebration of International Development Week 2015 with MCIC.

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