Rebecca Deng

“Mothers have a sympathy for life, especially when it comes to countries like where I come from, where there’s war. Women are always looking into peace because a person who is dying is her child, is her husband, is her daughter.”

Rebecca Deng is using her voice to help women in a country scarred by war.

Rebecca was once a “lost girl.” She was just a child when the Second Sudanese Civil War began in 1983. She was separated from her family when she fled to Ethiopia with thousands of other children who later became known as the lost boys and girls of Sudan.

Rebecca now lives in Winnipeg and has a human rights degree from the University of Winnipeg’s Global College. When fighting broke out in South Sudan after a short period of peace, 33 women were massacred in a church in Rebecca’s hometown of Bor. In response, Rebecca came together with other women from Winnipeg’s South Sudanese community to help create the Winnipeg Women’s Resource Centre in Bor, a project to help empower women living in South Sudan.

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