Helen Whetter

“We’re very fortunate in Canada to have universal education and universal healthcare, and I’d like to be able to see that for all women and children around the world. I know that I’m very privileged to have food to eat, a home and an education, and that’s not the same for women around that world. That’s why I’m involved in gender equality. Not just for myself and other Canadian women and North America women, but for women internationally that don’t have the same privileges we do here.”

Helen Whetter is using her voice to advocate for women’s rights.

Helen is a former educator and the longtime chair of The MATCH International Women’s Fund Manitoba chapter. A dedicated women’s rights activist, Helen has spent much of her time and energy assisting the efforts of The MATCH Fund and other organizations in Manitoba including KAIROS and the Nobel Women’s Initiative, among others.

Through her work she’s had the opportunity to connect with women from around the world and is inspired by their courage to speak up and press for progress, despite facing incredible barriers. Helen strongly believes in listening to the voices of women from other parts of the world and doing what we can to stand with those women as allies and help them act on their ambitions, hopes and ideas.

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