Cat Ross

“If there’s anything that I see most often, it would be girls having the lack of opportunity to go to school, like the boys do, or to start their own businesses, like the men do. There’s still a huge lack of opportunity for those women and girls. It shouldn’t be a barrier whatsoever. Every single person should have the same opportunities. It should be an expectation that women and girls have the same opportunities as others.”

Cat Ross is using her voice to make a difference with humanitarian work at home and abroad.

Cat has worked in various humanitarian roles in Winnipeg including the Community Respite Service, UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, and The Children’s Wish Foundation, to name a few.

In 2010, she founded K.I.D.S. Initiative, a non-profit organization that aims to build children’s futures globally, while inspiring children locally. K.I.D.S.’ programs help to relieve conditions associated with poverty, underdeveloped education programs and deficient medical aid in Kenya.

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