The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

HOPE International Development Agency - Water Systems and Sustainable Agriculture for Indigenous Communities in Mindanao, Philippines

In Mindanao, Philippines, 84% of families didn’t have access to clean water and one in every seven children suffered from malnutrition. Now, five spring-fed community water systems bring clean water to more than 500 families. Farming families are using seeds, tools and training to establish thriving vegetable gardens to provide more nutritious food and income for their families.

Children and families are healthier: instances of diarrhea, waterborne diseases and malnutrition have all decreased substantially. Families are now confident they can continue building stronger health and livelihoods together.

Goal 1: No Poverty

Eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. While the number of people living in extreme poverty dropped by more than half between 1990 and 2015 – from 1.9 billion to 836 million – too many are still struggling for the most basic human needs.

Globally, more than 800 million people are still living on less than US$1.25 a day, many lacking access to adequate food, clean drinking water and sanitation. Rapid economic growth in countries like China and India has lifted millions out of poverty, but progress has been uneven. Women are more likely to live in poverty than men due to unequal access to paid work, education and property.

Progress has also been limited in other regions, such as South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, which account for 80 percent of those living in extreme poverty. New threats brought on by climate change, conflict and food insecurity, mean even more work is needed to bring people out of poverty.

The SDGs are a bold commitment to finish what we started, and end poverty in all forms and dimensions by 2030. This involves targeting the most vulnerable, increasing access to basic resources and services, and supporting communities affected by conflict and climate-related disasters.